Where is my break?

You are the glue that holds your routine together. You are the engine that gets you through the day. The course is charted and you are well on your way to the targeted destination. The engine becomes corrosive, the glue wears away, and the course seems like a horror movie side road along the woods. What happened?

A normal occurrence of being human is what happened. We can all try to go 110% everyday of our lives, but the cracks will eventually widen. Looking at time, from the perspective of scarcity, changes how we view this unit of measurement. Every minute we do not use to be productive is considered a waste. How does one define productivity? That word has a unique meaning for all of us.

A person relaxing on the beach is being productive just like the single mom working for minimum wage. The context for each is different, one of leisure and the other of work, yet both are fulfilling a need that will get them from point A to point B. I am not encouraging us to be lazy. We should always strive for 100% with the realization that sometimes this self imposed quota will not always be met. It is okay to step away from the course and take a pit stop. Go, check that engine! I sometimes feel the need to disconnect from my reality. This action keeps my needle from pointing at empty.

The trick is to follow the clues your body gives you. Did you snap on Bob the other day? Go take a nap! Is the laundry stocking up? Don’t neglect your personal hygiene! Is your engine creaking and sputtering before the day begins? Lower the intensity! We are only as good as we allow ourselves to be. The walls we put up have cracks, would it not be best to replace the bricks before they fall?


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I blog about soccer, which is my passion and interest, because it has given me a lot of moments in which I have used the parts that make me human. History, life, and the other stuff I write about are the seasoning to all of this.

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