Deconstruction and Reconstruction

The themes of deconstruction and reconstruction are found in nature and Full Metal Alchemist. An earthquake is caused by the movement of tectonic plates. Sure this causes nature to be a brat by forcing humans to clean its mess, crispy human bacon, and the collective empathy of many that can cause someone to say I love you to everything in sight. This would be the deconstruction part of this two part action, But hey, we get some cool mountains out of it! With time and labor humans would clean this up to leave you wondering if an earthquake had actually happened. Can neglect replace the action of destroying something?

I have written before about making time to learn new things. My tone in that piece was accusatory with the intention of being motivational. I follow my own advice, but sometimes several things get in the way of each other. To the readers this blog had failed to produce content in over a month and that is, sincerely, unacceptable by me. Readers, the darkness ha faded and it’s safe to come out of your caves. I have neglected, but not abandoned, this blog that I have carefully constructed. With my earthquake like powers new mountains will be formed brick by brick wall put into place to stop me.


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I blog about soccer, which is my passion and interest, because it has given me a lot of moments in which I have used the parts that make me human. History, life, and the other stuff I write about are the seasoning to all of this.

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