Coloring Walls of An Equation

There’s a point where you hit a wall, what was once a wall, because you were able to also bring down the solid object that’s suppose to feel your fleshy advances towards it. With each passing day you start to get comfortable with consequences that result from a failure to finish. Finish, that’s where the trouble brews.

Do over. Retry. Another chance. Clean Slate. We all want a white wall to color as we please. The actions and decisions we take color our time as it progresses to whatever goals we set for ourselves. A white wall isn’t possible when red, pink, and grey have already dried up. We live as colors from wall to wall. A fresh coat of paint of another color over already existing colors is the best we can do.

An equation where consequences are always going to be your answer when adding actions and decisions has many variables. Choosing the variables is part of the fun because each one of us has a distinct way of participating in this equation.



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I blog about soccer, which is my passion and interest, because it has given me a lot of moments in which I have used the parts that make me human. History, life, and the other stuff I write about are the seasoning to all of this.

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