Arsenal of Feelings

Arsenal. This name alone encapsulates so many feelings inside of me that I didn’t think I had. One can almost call it an arsenal of feelings, if not for the fact that the feelings are being inflicted on me and not vice-versa. When I first started to seriously pay attention to football after 2002 World Cup, the world was playground. I watched televised matches and highlights of European, Asian, South American and North American leagues. You can also add international matches to that piling list of educational material. I even recall attending a Real Madrid friendly match at some point. 

Arsenal. It all started in 2006 when I started taking in more Arsenal related content, whether through games or highlights, television or internet, and decided they were alright. The heartbreak of that Champions League final loss to Barcelona is something that still hurts me. I have never forgiven Barcelona for that loss of any of the other Round of 16 losses in the Champions League. Keep in mind that from 2002-2006 I was a young kid so my memory is fuzzy. Memory is full of biases and later influenced which distort what really happened during the memories you’re trying to recall. One thing that is clear, though, is that Arsenal had won my heart by the end of that season. 

Arsenal. The 2006 World Cup happened the summer after that final loss. It was a tournament that further increased my thirst for football. We all heard the head butt heard around the world, but that final’s focus was all about Thierry Henry for me. His last two years at Arsenal and his comeback against Leeds are the memories I have of him in the yellow, red and white colors. I can’t claim to have been the recipient of multiple generations of my family loving Arsenal. I still get asked why I support an English team when I’m not even English. We can thank globalization for that. 

Alright, I’m fighting a cold at the moment. I’ll try my best to have something up on Friday. Thanks. 


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I blog about soccer, which is my passion and interest, because it has given me a lot of moments in which I have used the parts that make me human. History, life, and the other stuff I write about are the seasoning to all of this.

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