I had to stop reading news about the Manchester attack today when it hit me that children were casualties. To quote my friend, “everyone was someone’s child.” I’m a child of someone and chances are so are you, yes, this even includes lab babies and machines. It was a sickening feeling that I carried the rest of the day. Children and teens make up youth that should be nurtured and supported. The next generation isn’t lazy or stupid, they are adaptable and hard working humans that are expected to thrive in a faster paced world that’s constantly disrupted. 

My thoughts are with Manchester. Hopefully, the victims are allowed to heal and grieve. I know the Europa League final will hold extra meaning tomorrow if Manchester United win. They will have the extra strength of the Manchester people behind them. They were wounded, but not discouraged from continuing to be human. Humans are capable of doing great things that are matched by terrible things. Humans come together in time of need. Humans give me hope.

I will stop here. I apologize if this post seems rambly. Expressing out my thoughts and feelings seemed like a healthy thing to do.


“Born In The Wrong Era”

“I wish I was born in another time period” or “I was born in the wrong era” are two expressions we hear or read along with their variations from certain people. I have definitely encountered people expressing themselves this way, assuming what I read online is written by an actual human and not an algorithm. We see the abundance of I’s already, but I want to add that I don’t share this viewpoint. Being part of the current world is amazing! In another time period the process of writing an equivalent to a blog would have been more labor intensive and tedious. I don’t have to use a printing press to print these words out and then hop on my horse to distribute them. The assumption is even made that there’s people who are going to read these words!

I much prefer the method of using WordPress and moving my fingers around the keyboard to create this blog post. A new word for something more than laziness would have to be made, if a healthy being, with functioning joints, considers clacking on a keyboard bellow them. I, also, much prefer that distribution of this post is just a click away from being made available, on a centralized platform, that actually contains readers. Sure there’s something to be said about the work it takes to build a community and getting your work to as many eyeballs as possible, but the scale of it is much simpler. It takes away some risk and expenses of time and labor. This couldn’t be done before modern computing.

I also wouldn’t want to disrupt a timeline that has already given me so many memories and firsts. And why would I want to go through that again in a somewhat similar vein through another timeline? It’s just not my style.

A New Year, A New Experiment

Hello Readers,

I’m looking for different experiments I can conduct on myself. Examples include getting up at an earlier time for a whole week or seeing how many pages of a book I can read in x amount of time. It will be another thing to do each day, but with the benefit that the results will improve me in some way. I will be taking data and notes each day. Showing that data in the form of graphs would be a very cool thing to do! Data shouldn’t only be in text form. If you have any suggestions for experiments I can conduct feel free to comment on this post. The only stipulations are that they must be reasonable, safe, and not require a lot of resources such as money or equipment.


Hello Readers,

We are not librarians trapped in libraries of knowledge for every single topic we would like to know. In our pockets we have phones capable of doing that, but they are still at the mercy of humans knowing how to interact with them. In some instances our minds aren’t even aware that a potential piece of information might become useful at a later date. I think keeping a network of people you can resource is very important because they help you grow as a person. These people usually have something they are experts on, or at least have a lot of experience in, that they are very happy to pass on. We all enjoy feeling useful in some capacity, right? I met up with a wonderful person recently who acted as a sounding board for my future plans, while offering constructive suggestions during our conversation. It’s conversations like this that make you see things differently even if they’re painfully obvious or add hopeful excitement to your plans. We look at our own shit for too long that a fresh pair of eyes might offer us new insights. Should you take all of the suggestions, insights, criticisms, advice, and suggestions given to you? Of course not! You do have to think them over and take the ones that most suit your situation. This doesn’t paint you as a picky person. It paints you as an efficient editor who only takes what may work. We know ourselves better than the person sitting across from you. If not, that’s something that should be bumped up on our priority list.


Power, Power, Power!

Hello Readers,

I woke up today feeling tired and motivated to get on with my day at the same time. It was my own fault for staying up late playing a video game last night, but so far I have no regrets. The itch to get through my checklist of things to do got me scratching away until I found myself typing this post. That means I have completed my day and have the rest of it to do as I please. It was a struggle! I had breakfast and made my coffee. It felt more like a chore than the enjoyment one gets from eating something tasty. That was sign one that today was going to be a long day. Sign two was I caught myself nodding away at one point while I was reading an email. A quick nap perked me back up. Sign three didn’t appear because I forced myself to finish up the items on my list. I’ve read and apply the Pomodoro technique, I get snacks, I get up for a bit, but on days like this I just have to power through.

I dare you to shout Power, Power, Power! in the voice of Lionel from Thundercats. Come on, do it! You know you wanna!


Coloring Walls of An Equation

There’s a point where you hit a wall, what was once a wall, because you were able to also bring down the solid object that’s suppose to feel your fleshy advances towards it. With each passing day you start to get comfortable with consequences that result from a failure to finish. Finish, that’s where the trouble brews.

Do over. Retry. Another chance. Clean Slate. We all want a white wall to color as we please. The actions and decisions we take color our time as it progresses to whatever goals we set for ourselves. A white wall isn’t possible when red, pink, and grey have already dried up. We live as colors from wall to wall. A fresh coat of paint of another color over already existing colors is the best we can do.

An equation where consequences are always going to be your answer when adding actions and decisions has many variables. Choosing the variables is part of the fun because each one of us has a distinct way of participating in this equation.


Plan Ahead or End Up In Spaghetti

Many of us have a routine we follow everyday. It can be on a range of brushing your teeth to breaking down a work or school project into digestible chunks everyday. A complain I hear a lot is how time slips through our fingers like sand does between our toes. Here’s a crazy idea, ready? Why don’t we use the weekend to get ahead of our week?I know that gong out and getting alcohol into our veins fuels those charming nights. You know… where you end up in a dark room that has people chanting to some poor guy covered in spaghetti, but those two cute blondes were giving you that look all night that where there wasn’t enough eyeballs to go around and here you are. It’s morning when you wake up on a bed two towns over wondering how you got there. I won’t take that away from you. You earned that after a productive long week. I’m merely suggesting that we work ahead. I’ll get to enjoy watching the Champions league game happening today without having to worry about anything else because I decided to work ahead. My itch to do work on Sunday was increasing and like all good rashes I had to scratch it until it overtook my body. Brick by brick this rash will build a wall in my system that houses my work ethic into something whole.