Why Am I An Adult?

As we grow our responsibilities change to reflect our ability to take more on. A seven year old picks up the toys and a sixteen year old gets to babysit the siblings. We all eventually learn to wipe ourselves from the proof of last nights burrito. If you cannot perform this, there’s a YouTube video for that. If you are disabled or have a medical condition, it’s not a pleasant process. Where was I? Responsibility is a measurement of how far we come along as people.

Be an adult to be treated as an adult, but don’t confuse this as one of those old sayings or something your mom says. I just came up with that for this post. The other day I was talking to someone and a complain of another adult never taking them seriously came up in the conversation. It seemed to stem from a positive change this person was making. The issue takes root in that the other adult is taking more control over the change, even if the intent is to help, because this person doesn’t take full control over the process. A change comes from the realization that things can be better than what they currently are. You take your hands and make it happen. An adult takes charge, gets through the gritty parts, and doesn’t leave it to someone else. Be a brick and join the wall of other adults!


Deconstruction and Reconstruction

The themes of deconstruction and reconstruction are found in nature and Full Metal Alchemist. An earthquake is caused by the movement of tectonic plates. Sure this causes nature to be a brat by forcing humans to clean its mess, crispy human bacon, and the collective empathy of many that can cause someone to say I love you to everything in sight. This would be the deconstruction part of this two part action, But hey, we get some cool mountains out of it! With time and labor humans would clean this up to leave you wondering if an earthquake had actually happened. Can neglect replace the action of destroying something?

I have written before about making time to learn new things. My tone in that piece was accusatory with the intention of being motivational. I follow my own advice, but sometimes several things get in the way of each other. To the readers this blog had failed to produce content in over a month and that is, sincerely, unacceptable by me. Readers, the darkness ha faded and it’s safe to come out of your caves. I have neglected, but not abandoned, this blog that I have carefully constructed. With my earthquake like powers new mountains will be formed brick by brick wall put into place to stop me.

Drinking In The Winter Transfer Rumors

Why do I keep reading about transfer rumors on my phone? The ratio of transfers actually happening to transfers being reported is absolutely skewed. My eyeballs keep reading and my brain keeps taking the abuse like a male who has just discovered the internet can be an aid for the biological needs of well when one isn’t being exactly biological. That one episode of Family Guy when Quagmire discovers internet porn can provide video to accompany the text I have just written. Back to the point; does anyone else keep up fervently with the winter transfer market? I am quite empty on myself to say that I am not the only one who does this. January, like summer, seems to be a busy and motivating time of the year with New Year resolutions and transfer news running wild. Dammit, I did it again! I wouldn’t want to play a drinking game related to the transfer market with myself.

Messi going to Chelsea and Bale returning back to England, via Manchester United, are just some of the ridiculous transfer rumors that have been floating around in the news lately. I admit that writing about this is giving them more attention and not supporting my initial question. Deals like what has been going on at Inter Milan with Mancini becoming the manager and Shaqiri/Podolski lining up on the wings have been surprising to me in the form that all three of those things were good pieces of business. Inter Milan is going through a very positive transformation like the cliche caterpillar emerging from the cocoon as a butterfly metaphor.

Readers, if you have kept record with those hawkish like eyes of yours this post has been a long way coming. Life has kept me busy and I took a needed break to recharge myself for the new year. The break went past the expiration date though and now I need to strengthen my wall again post by post until it becomes solid. Until the next post!

Apology in Words

I wouldn’t call this a poem. The poet in me is currently in slumber! It’s a a blurb of words, that happen to rhyme at the end, offering an apology for the lack of posts lately. The consistency that was present in the beginning has not been matched lately. I sincerely apologize to anyone who reads my blog (Thank You!) and new visitors alike.

A to B

Completion is the key

Immigrant without the border

Top force is the order

No politics, just a metaphor of how I work

Be enterprising like Captain Kirk

My posts come at a snails pace

This is me trying to save face

Sincere apologies

Another marker in my chronology

The Myth of Eastern Europe: Movies, Geography, and Technology

Study abroad to Europe? A vacation to Europe? Where would you go? France, Spain, England, and Germany are all popular destinations that help us answer these questions. Yet, we forget about the other half of Europe. You know, the one we now have maps for! East of Germany, west of Asia, and Wilson gave them borders are my hints or you can whip out your phone and search the terms “European Map”. It’s a land filled with mobsters and laws permitting torture. We’re not talking about milk and honey, although that does sound like a wonderful pairing, doesn’t it? If you caught any of these references, don’t pat yourself on the back.

Does such a land exist? According to Hollywood, countries in Eastern Europe fit the profile. The media tends to portray these countries as exotic, prone to organized crime, and underdeveloped. Don’t take away someones daughter or Liam Neeson is going to get you! They are perceived as “different” by the west. I am positive Bulgaria didn’t penetrate your mind as a possible destination for a vacation. How about Prague with it’s architecture and lore?

Having thoughts of torturing women is very unhealthy, but if you have money, that makes for a fun time. I am basing this statement as my interpretation of the movie Hostel Part II. It’s filmed in the Czech Republic, but takes place in Slovakia. Three, beautiful, young women are lured to a hostel where they are tortured by rich bidders. The view of Slovakia in this film causes ignorance to travel in the form that Americans might get this idea in their head that Eastern Europe is ripe with sadistic murder and kidnapping, When your view is molded by a movie, historical fact takes a backseat. Is this not a way of looking down on this region? What do we know about this area? What do we think we know?

By using these lands as settings for torture-porn films, we rob them of cultural value and potential revenue in the form of tourism. Troy Smith might cross Slovakia of his list due to a belief that your body parts are wanted. Media is a powerful force in which to spread misinformation. I’m not saying it’s intentional, but it shows a deeper picture of how unfamiliar we are with geography. These people are not drinking from creeks and scratching fleas from each other! Signs of modern progress such as internet, bridges, roads, and cars are used by Eastern Europeans. We are but a few clicks away from deconstructing this image brick by brick and rearranging in into a wall without ignorance.

Where is my break?

You are the glue that holds your routine together. You are the engine that gets you through the day. The course is charted and you are well on your way to the targeted destination. The engine becomes corrosive, the glue wears away, and the course seems like a horror movie side road along the woods. What happened?

A normal occurrence of being human is what happened. We can all try to go 110% everyday of our lives, but the cracks will eventually widen. Looking at time, from the perspective of scarcity, changes how we view this unit of measurement. Every minute we do not use to be productive is considered a waste. How does one define productivity? That word has a unique meaning for all of us.

A person relaxing on the beach is being productive just like the single mom working for minimum wage. The context for each is different, one of leisure and the other of work, yet both are fulfilling a need that will get them from point A to point B. I am not encouraging us to be lazy. We should always strive for 100% with the realization that sometimes this self imposed quota will not always be met. It is okay to step away from the course and take a pit stop. Go, check that engine! I sometimes feel the need to disconnect from my reality. This action keeps my needle from pointing at empty.

The trick is to follow the clues your body gives you. Did you snap on Bob the other day? Go take a nap! Is the laundry stocking up? Don’t neglect your personal hygiene! Is your engine creaking and sputtering before the day begins? Lower the intensity! We are only as good as we allow ourselves to be. The walls we put up have cracks, would it not be best to replace the bricks before they fall?

Others Go, But A Defensive Midfielder Stays

Defensive Midfield is a position made famous by the likes of Pep Guardiola, Patrick Viera, Claude Makalele, and Sergio Busquets. It’s withing the midfield, specifically in the back, where this position breaks up plays like a jackhammer on concrete. Throughout the years, tall, muscular, and hard hitting players with a touch of technique have taken that spot. Within the last six years an evolution of the spot has allowed small and technical players to take these spots away from the Vieras of the sport. I’m not saying that brute strength has left the sport. Physicality has transcended to a more technical style of contact.

A nimble DM will draw fouls and intercept passes with good positioning. Lionel Messi, while playing a different position, is able to draw fouls with his dribbles. It’s two distinct positions that follow the same concept. You slide in for a tackle to win the ball, and then what? That ball has to be passed forward to be distributed by the rest of the midfield. A DM not only wins the ball back, but has to be the eyes of the team. A quick pass or a long cross to the winger cutting inside can make a counter attack from a turnover. If not, at least you keep possession for your team.

What about the defensive in defensive midfielder Daniel? I’m only two paragraphs in and nowhere close to ending this post. In a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation, your defensive players pushing up to congest the midfield leave gaps. This results due to midfielders pushing up to increase the attacking options. You have two centerbacks attempting to cover the back line. When this occurs, the DM moves down and adds another body to the defensive line. When their team is defending, the DM is a shield for the back four. He is the first line of resistance to prevent a goal from bombarding the net. This will either be enough to recover the ball or give the defense enough time to organize themselves.

A DM is an essential cog in any of the popular tactics used today. I believe that having a midfielder stay behind the half line is the only way to achieve balance in modern football. Real Madrid has committed the mistake of selling their DM twice, and both times they have been left with an abundance of attacking players in the front, without a link to start transitions. These DM’s are an engine that is felt on all sides of the pitch. They are the one brick that makes a wall structurally sound. The wall collapses if it’s taken out.