A New Year, A New Experiment

Hello Readers,

I’m looking for different experiments I can conduct on myself. Examples include getting up at an earlier time for a whole week or seeing how many pages of a book I can read in x amount of time. It will be another thing to do each day, but with the benefit that the results will improve me in some way. I will be taking data and notes each day. Showing that data in the form of graphs would be a very cool thing to do! Data shouldn’t only be in text form. If you have any suggestions for experiments I can conduct feel free to comment on this post. The only stipulations are that they must be reasonable, safe, and not require a lot of resources such as money or equipment.



Plan Ahead or End Up In Spaghetti

Many of us have a routine we follow everyday. It can be on a range of brushing your teeth to breaking down a work or school project into digestible chunks everyday. A complain I hear a lot is how time slips through our fingers like sand does between our toes. Here’s a crazy idea, ready? Why don’t we use the weekend to get ahead of our week?I know that gong out and getting alcohol into our veins fuels those charming nights. You know… where you end up in a dark room that has people chanting to some poor guy covered in spaghetti, but those two cute blondes were giving you that look all night that where there wasn’t enough eyeballs to go around and here you are. It’s morning when you wake up on a bed two towns over wondering how you got there. I won’t take that away from you. You earned that after a productive long week. I’m merely suggesting that we work ahead. I’ll get to enjoy watching the Champions league game happening today without having to worry about anything else because I decided to work ahead. My itch to do work on Sunday was increasing and like all good rashes I had to scratch it until it overtook my body. Brick by brick this rash will build a wall in my system that houses my work ethic into something whole.

Unlocking Time

We are all running against the time trying to keep ourselves healthy, getting important stuff done, and mixing fun throughout our day. Going to work, getting to class, all take more importance over a season one marathon¬† of your favorite television show. The three things I listed in the first sentence are the trifecta of our day. Where does that leave learning new skills? What time can we set aside to learn these skills? I’m not a wizard who can bend time to his will or a doctor in a telephone booth. I can tell you that the answer to both questions lie in ourselves.

We all know our schedules and time commitments. Hell, I put off writing this post for a few days. Not a smart move, if I say so myself. How many times do we (myself included) complain that time is lacking? “I want to finish that book, but it’s already time for bed”, said April WaffleCone. “No time to touch my guitar”, points out Ted Nyguyen. All of this complaining can be fixed. Complaining is healthy, but no one wants to hear it… not even you.

Fifteen minutes, or whatever time you can spare, is all it takes to start. We all have five minutes laying here and there. All those small increments of time add up throughout the week. We can shorten the morning routine by picking out outfits the night before. If coffee is your thing, have it set to go before you wake up. I’ve read of business people who sleep less than normal to make a whole day of extra time each week!

Time, we have, yet it’s used on wasteful activities. Time, like bricks add up over time. A wall is what forms when combined.